Lauren Parkerway

Lauren Parker Limited is a Professional Services company providing Consulting and Advisory services in Strategy Formulation, Business Process Management, Optimization and Improvement. Our core expertise span across various sectors including Healthcare Services, Government, ICT, Insurance and SMEs.
We recognize that organizations often need specialist support to meet the ever-changing market dynamics and we partner with our clients to enable them to achieve their goals in a responsible way.
We take pride in our people, an experienced team of Subject Matter Experts in the industries they serve, which allows us to understand the uniqueness each client brings and therefore providing customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

Our Promise

Getting the job done

We are results-oriented and are very thorough in the way we relate with our clients. We deliberately practice co-creation tactics to ensure that our clients learn our execution style and are able to adapt our process within their business. This helps in creating an environment for business continuity and best practice establishment and adoption within business operations.

Cost Optimization

By establishing the discipline of maximizing business value, we develop a focus to manage spending and drive cost reduction through the application of standardization, simplification and rationalization across the service value chain

Opportunities for Incremental Revenues

Most businesses strategize on how to expand their business, products and services to grow their top-line but this typically will lead to growth in spending which will then impact the bottom-line. We help businesses to reduce the impact of cannibalizing profits by either improving the turn around time for revenue realisation and / or by scaling through managing the costs that support revenues

Improved Operational Efficiency

Through the introduction of workflow development and automation, performance indices can be significantly improved by up to 30% in a short period of time. This is a solid foumndation to realise improvement in the Bottom-line of any organisation that is in business of sustaining their value proposition to their key stakeholders.

We Focus On

Problem Solving

Integrating Platforms

Capacity Building

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