ABU Fake Certificate Saga: Registry Workers Ask Management To Investigate Alleged Forged Result Of Graduate

Some top members of staff at the Registry, Academic Planning and Monitoring Unit of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State have said the Bachelor of Science in Physics, Second-Class Upper Division certificate, issued to one Shafaatu Abdullahi from the institution is fake.

Speaking to SaharaReporters, one of them claimed Abdullahi with Registration No: U15/PY/2014 was fraudulently issued a certificate by a syndicate four years after she was withdrawn from the university for poor performance.

The workers urged the National Youth Service Corps to investigate the matter, adding that the said female student had already registered and obtained her NYSC call-up letter.

“We the staff of the Registry, Academic Planning and Monitoring Unit have confirmed that this female student, Shafaatu Abdullahi, with Registration No: U15/PY/2014 was fraudulently assisted and has registered and obtained her NYSC call-up letter. The NYSC should know about this fraud,” a short message by the staff to SaharaReporters read.

Some workers of the institution had on December 17, 2020 written an anonymous letter to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Kabir Bala, asking him to investigate a syndicate in the university issuing fake degree certificates to fraudulent students.

The workers dared the VC to verify their claims from the Physics Department, while alleging that there was a cover-up in some of the affected departments.

The letter partly reads, “We wish to bring to your notice the issuance of a fake degree result i.e. B.Sc. Physics (Second Class Upper) to a female student named Shafaatu Abdullahi with Registration number U15/PY/2014, who had been withdrawn from this university since 2015.

“She was withdrawn for poor academic performance. In fact, this candidate was withdrawn in her first academic session in the Physics department. Information that we sourced shows that this same withdrawn student was provided with all the necessary documentation for her to be mobilised in the National Youth Service Corps programme. She has been registered for the NYSC scheme or about to. We have attached a copy of the fake statement of results for your inquiry.

“Sir, we are proud of this university and we felt we shouldn’t just remain mute. We are very sure that this BSc (Physics) result issued to this student is fake.  We want you to confirm the result as any delay could jeopardise the standard of this great university.

“We are sure many staff members are aware of this habit of connivance of our staff members with students to issue fake statements of results. It is no longer news or rumour that some do get away with these fake results of ABU, Zaria and secure jobs. The university needs to totally eradicate this crime before we totally lose our glory. We have confidence in you and are sure you will take decisive action.”

The Registrar; Director, Academic Planning; Academic Staff Union of Universities and the Non-Academic Union of Allied and Education Institutions were also copied in the letter.






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