Deeper Life School: 71-year-old Doctor Arrested After Secretly Taking My Son’s Blood Samples – Mother

A 71-year-old doctor known as Effiong Udimidue has reportedly been arrested by the Akwa Ibom Police Command after he allegedly secretly took blood samples from the molested student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Don Davis Archibong.

Deborah Okezie, mother of the assaulted boy, in a Facebook video on Wednesday, said the doctor was from the Deeper Life School but pretended to be a medical doctor at St Athanasius Hospital.

Okezie said Udimidue was the same person who took her son’s blood samples upon admission into Deeper Life High School.

According to her, the doctor sneaked into St. Athanasius Hospital, the first hospital where Don Davis was admitted, and took blood samples on false pretenses.

She said, “Ndidi and the rest of them are saying my son is HIV+, they are claiming he came to the school with a lot of drugs. This was after they sent their doctor to St. Athanasius Hospital, the first hospital where we took Don Davis to for treatment. Their doctor, a 71-year-old man, ‘masked up’ (wore a mask) and was taking blood samples. I just said I know you; you were the same person that tested Don Davis when he first came to the school and he said yes, that he was there to support a colleague. What sort of support is that? He is in police custody now.”

Okezie also said another teacher in the school claimed that immediately Don Davis was admitted into the school, other children started falling ill.

“Thank God I have the video of the boy when he just got into school. I took Don Davis to Deeper Life High School on the 8th of October, after two days, his father called me to go back to the school and take his son’s picture. He wanted to see what the boy looked like in uniform. When I got there, it was even the same Akpan that helped me take that picture; I didn’t know God allowed that to happen for a day like this.”

In the video, she also showed the name of the hospital where the 71-year-old doctor allegedly works.

Okezie however emphasised she was not against the church but was desperate to get justice for her son.




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