Deeper Life School Teachers Went To My Daughter’s Kindergarten To Get My Address – Mother Of Molested Schoolboy

Deborah Okezie, mother of the assaulted student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Don Davis Archibong, has alleged that two teachers from the school went to her daughter’s nursery school to get her house address. 

Okezie earlier decried the deactivation of her Facebook account which she had been using for her live broadcasts. 

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During another Facebook live broadcast on Monday, she warned that if anything bad happens to her children, the General Overseer of the church, Williams Kumuyi, and the school should be held responsible.

She said, ” Two teachers from Deeper Life High School went to my two-year-old baby’s school to make enquiry about me, to ask for my address. I don’t know why. Since they said the case was being investigated, why are they doing that? Why am I being monitored? If anything happens to my children, Deeper Life, Kumuyi, I hold you responsible.”

Okezie questioned the deactivation of her main account, saying she was only demanding justice. 

She also stressed that she had never demanded compensation from the school or any other person.

“They went to the school to make enquiries about my address and today, I woke up to see that my account had been disabled. What have I said that would warrant them to disable my account? What politics are they playing? What have I done that would make my account to be disabled? I want to know. 

“Why are they going to my children’s school to make enquiries about me? Why was my account deleted? I have been making posts and advertising my products on that account, why has it not been disabled all this while? Why now? If there is nothing you are hiding, why are you trying to shut me up? They want to shut me up so people can believe I have taken compensation. I did not demand money from anybody.”

She said the more her accounts were disabled, the more drive she would have to use other platforms to demand justice.

“As you are disabling my account, you are opening up my head to think of other things. My voice can never be silenced, you can’t lock the accounts of all Nigerians.”

Okezie also added that an appointment she was billed to have with the commissioner of police was slated for Tuesday. 

“I am going with my lawyer and my family. We are going to the commissioner of police’s office. I will let you know how it goes. If you don’t hear from me, it’s either I’m in jail or I have been silenced.”

Okezie said she was using her voice and the platform to demand for justice for her son, Don Davis, because of other children who have no one to speak for them and the common man who cannot even communicate in proper English.

She said, “I want justice, justice for Don Davis, justice for the market women that can’t even come out to talk. Assuming I can’t speak English, what would have been my fate?”



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