#ENDSARS: Osun State Panel Of Inquiry Begins Sitting

The Osun State Panel of Inquiry has commenced sitting to hear cases of brutality and extrajudicial killings against the police in the state.

The 13-man panel is being chaired by Justice Akin Oladimeji (retired).

The panel began the hearing as five cases were attended to by the panel on Thursday.

Rtd Justice Oladimeji stated that the panel was not a regular court of law where law was strictly applied to cases but rather a fact-finding panel, urging petitioners not to digress from the facts.

He encouraged petitioners to state their facts, noting that the panel will make proper recommendations to the government.

He said, “Therefore, it is the duty of every petitioner and in fact all parties who present petitions and defence before this panel to bring all facts and evidence in support of their cases before the panel.

“We are neither prophets nor seers that can see what the ordinary eyes cannot perceive. Every petitioner who has suffered injury or loss wants damages or compensation to be paid to him.

“This panel is empowered to make recommendation on award of such damages or compensation but we cannot do so unless you come and demonstrate to us how and where you sustained injury or loss.

“It is the fact and evidence that you place before us that we must use to assess the injury victims have suffered in the hands of SARS in each of the cases, and the damages claimed by the petitioners or any other parties as the case may be.”

Chairman said the panel, if need be, will visit scenes of panels, to ascertain the level of fact tendered before it.

He urged everyone, who has been a victim of police brutality not to be afraid to submit petitions.





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