Igboho: Yoruba In Diaspora Group Lambasts Nigerian Government, Backs Agitation For Yoruba Nation

Sunday Igboho

A group of Yoruba indigenes in the diaspora, Yoruba Global Council, has condemned the attack launched by the Department of State Services (DSS) on the residence of Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, aka Sunday Igboho on Thursday morning.

In a statement issued by the group’s spokesman, Lere Amusan on Friday, the group described the attack as ‘a provocative, barbaric and deliberate act to suppress the growing agitation for a Yoruba nation’.

Sunday Igboho

The group said the revelation by the DSS that it organised the attack and the desperation at which it was carried out, could have resulted in the death of Igboho if he was found during the operation.

Stating that the reason given for the attack by the DSS was not convincing enough, YGC said, “It is baffling that herders who are known to be custodians of illegal arms even with Miyetti Allah, its leadership known to the government, are not accused of stockpiling arms, rather it is the peaceful Igboho government considers too dangerous and deserves such unwarranted, violent sting operation where lives were lost.”

The group alleged that it is obvious, by the attack that the primary mission of government, in tandem with some ‘greedy’ politicians in the South-West is to suppress the growing agitation for the sovereignty of the Yoruba state in Nigeria. 

YGC expressed concern over the shrinking civic space, lingering social injustice, and dwindling democratic values in Nigeria.

“The attack on Igboho where lives were lost and many arrested, has exposed the fact that Nigeria is miles away from acceptable democratic norms. There could be dare consequences of the attack on the fragile peace in the country,” it said. 

The group reaffirmed its support for the agitation for the Yoruba nation, noting that Igboho should not be seen as a threat by any system that is fair, sincere, progressive, and democratic.

It also warned that if such provocative attacks continue unchecked, the South-West may become another field for violence like it is being witnessed in some other parts of the country, adding that the world has become so civilised, that it is needless to spill blood before agitating nations are granted sovereignty.

Describing the times as very challenging for the race, the group charged all Yoruba ‘sons and daughters to come together at this crucial time, to demonstrate transparent unity that will send the ultimate signal,’ that securing Yoruba nation’s sovereignty is not negotiable.”

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