Indian Police Arrest Nigerian For Defrauding Citizen, Diverting Money Into 68 Bank Accounts

Indian police
Indian police

The police in India have arrested a Nigerian national, identified only as Brieght, for allegedly defrauding a woman who is from Bengaluru and diverting the money into 68 bank accounts.

The police arrested the Nigerian in the Bengaluru area after he duped the 34-year-old woman of Rs 25 lakh through a matrimonial site.

Indian police

According to the, during the investigation, it was revealed that 25-year-old Brieght had at least 38 bank accounts in India and 30 bank accounts abroad where the money was diverted. From these accounts, he and his wife were sending money to their family members in Nigeria.

The Whitefield Cyber Economic Narcotics police in East Bengaluru busted the scam. They found that the accused and his associates siphoning lots of money by creating fake accounts on matrimonial websites.

The accused, living with his wife, Devain Brieght, met the woman from Whitefield on a matrimonial website where he identified himself falsely as Swain Rajkishore, a civil contractor and engineer.

After a few days of interaction, Brieght told her that he had to visit Malaysia for a project and asked her for financial help claiming that his money was stuck in a Scotland bank over security reasons. The woman then transferred him around Rs 25 lakh in multiple transactions between October 13 and October 16, the report says.

Realising that she had been cheated, the victim approached the police, who then raided Brieght’s apartment in Delhi.  According to police, they found that Brieght is involved in similar cases and might be part of a big network.

An investigation has been ordered into the matter.




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