Nigerian Community In Dublin Mourns Nigerian Killed By Irish Police, Denies He Was Thug

Nigerians in Dublin, Ireland, are currently mourning a 27-year-old Nigerian, George Nkencho, who was shot dead by the Irish police, Gardai, on Tuesday.

Earlier, hundreds of aggrieved blacks held a protest at Blanchardstown Garda station, calling for justice over the police killing of Nkencho, an incident which occurred in the Manorfields Drive area, near the Dublin/Meath border.

The protesters, mostly blacks and believed to be Africans, were seen screaming, “Justice for George” as the policemen tried in vain to pacify the crowds.

Some Nigerians, who spoke with SaharaReporters, argued that contrary to police’s wild claims, Nkencho was neither a thug nor a criminal, but he had some mental challenges.

A source said, “You know when something like this happens, the authorities involved can say anything to defend themselves. Remember they said something like that about George Floyd. He’s not mad.

“We, the black community, are trying to see how the incident can get global media attention.”

Another Nigerian, who asked not to be named, said, “He was surrounded by 15 armed Gardai (Gardai is a member of the Irish police force), before he was killed.

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“In 2014, a white 19-year-old ran into the Dáil (Parliament) with a sword and three knives. He was apprehended and arrested by two Gardaí, and received 200 hours of community service as punishment.

“In November of this year, a white man swung a knife at Gardaí and was given a €25 fine. Yesterday, instead of de-escalating the situation as they had done many times before, 15 armed Gardaí ended the life of one man holding a knife. 

“We believe there were other ways they could have handled the situation without killing him.”  

According to the police, Nkencho was allegedly involved in two separate incidents in the Hartstown Shopping Centre around 12.15pm.

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The police stated that in both instances, he threatened members of the public with a knife. 

They said in one incident, a staff member in the EuroSpar received facial injuries. That man is receiving treatment in hospital for his injuries. Moments later, Mr Nkencho was involved in a public order incident in the local post office. 

The police further claimed that he continued to threaten members of the public and unarmed Gardaí with the knife, a garda (Irish police) statement said this evening.

Gardai followed Mr Nkencho on foot and in vehicles from the Hartstown Shopping Centre towards Manorfields Drive, Dublin 15.

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Mr Nkencho was shot several times by a garda gun at Manorfield Drive in Clonee during the stand-off. 




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