Nigerians Blast MURIC Over Call For Kukah’s Resignation

Nigerians have launched attacks on the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) after the group asked the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Bishop Matthew Kukah, to resign from the General Abdul Salaam-led National Peace Committee.

The group had in a statement issued by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, criticised Kukah following the cleric’s Christmas message to Nigerians, bemoaning the nepotism which he said had characterised the government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Following that, MURIC asked the bishop to recuse himself from the Abdul Salaam-led Peace Committee, arguing that Kukah’s pronouncements are inconsistent with his status, particularly as the Secretary of National Peace Committee.

“How did such a belligerent combatant emerge as the Secretary of Nigeria’s Peace Committee? What good can come from a man who is filled with hate and bias for a large section of the country? He calls for a coup against a democratically elected government. He stigmatised Islam as a violent religion. He derides the North. We demand that Kukah should honourably recuse himself from the Peace Committee. Failure to do so will have a devastating effect of discrediting that committee. It will mean that the committee was set up in the first place for a partisan purpose,” the group said.

Nigerians on social media have spoken out against the group, wondering why it didn’t ask for the resignation of the service chiefs who had failed in their primary duty to secure Nigerians.

“You didn’t ask for the resignation of the service chiefs who have failed in their primary duty to secure and provide security for the populace, but Kukah who hasn’t killed anyone should resign. Religion has done some harm in this country which we must admit,” a Facebook user posted.

On Twitter, someone whose handle is @blexxyn1, said: “You go all out to defend Buhari because he is from your region when you people know the man is doing nothing, but bring more pain and suffering. Nobody must speak against Mr president or even question his actions because he is now a god, the same man that came asking for our votes.”

Another Twitter user, @limasi, wrote, “So many legit terrorist organisations under this administration. To repair this damage will be almost impossible.”

@OmologbeBenneth also wrote on Twitter: “Look at this well acclaimed fanatic criticising a well-known nation builder and peace maker (with empirical evidence). Nigeria has indeed fallen to the wolves to be devoured. Religion has done some harm in this country which we must admit.”

“I agree that Bishop Kukah should resign provided President Buhari resigns. If Kukah has failed because he spoke the truth, then Buhari must resign for destroying Nigeria’s economy with impunity, hybrid corruption, incompetence. Dollar-Naira exchange rate is hell. Clueless gov,” @ABBYLOV also wrote on Twitter.

@StAbdulraheem wrote: “Moronic MURIC says truthful Bishop Kukah, ‘derided The North’, for voicing out the obvious apropos of indescribably disastrous Buhari. But Buhari is not in any way more northern than Bishop Kukah is! Perhaps, MURIC, the pitiable slave to ungodly religiosity, means the Muslim North.”

@CharlesDaniel_3 wrote: “I can’t believe the MURIC organisation said this, asking Father Kukah to resign for saying the obvious truth! Then the MURIC itself is a scam!!!! A big scam!!! Why didn’t they ask the Sultan of Sokoto to resign because he also spoke about this government… Religious bigots!!!”


@Shamwilushuib22 said, “My country has reached a situation where a clergyman can’t speak truth to power just because of religious differences.”




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