Nigerians Knock Bill Gates Over Comment On Africa’s Low COVID-19 Cases, Deaths

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Nigerians have taken to the social media to lambast the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates, over his recent comment that he did not know why COVID-19 cases and deaths were low in Africa as against the grim casualty figures in developed countries. 

Gates, in a recent statement shared on his website, said it was possible that the figures provided were not real due to the gaps in health care systems in Africa. 

Bill Gates

The billionaire and his wife, Melinda Gates, had, at the inception of the pandemic, predicted that Africa would be worst hit by COVID-19. 

Their prediction, however, has been far from the truth as figures of infections from Africa have remained relatively low.

Therefore, following his recent statement, several Nigerians have taken to Twitter to criticise him, saying they wondered why he was interested in seeing a high rate of COVID-19 infections in Africa.

Some of those who commented on the issue argued that Gates might be concerned because of his alleged interest in getting COVID-19 vaccines to Africa as soon as possible.

A Twitter user, whose handle is @talk2mrjyde, said, “If it’s about the vaccine, I’m sorry the vaccine is dead on arrival. Nigerian government should not spend any N542 billion on any COVID-19 vaccine, unless they want to use it for money laundering because no matter what they say, no matter the attempts (they make), Nigerians will not take that vaccine.”

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Another user identified as Apostle Arinze Nonso, whose handle is @ApostleNonso, said Gates and his wife were simply confused after their earlier predictions failed. 

He wrote, “Bill & Melinda Gates aren’t medical doctors, suddenly they’re leading medical research & development in the world. That’s suspicious. They predicted Africa would be the worst hit by COVID-19, God turned down their prediction that they wouldn’t be able to perform their enterprise. Now they’re confused.”

“God disappoints the devices of the crafty and their hands cannot perform their enterprise! Job 5:12; that is the reason,” Ijeoma Ini-Inyang wrote using @zaijaymain.

Enahoro Asije, with the handle @EAsije, also quoted a Bible verse, saying, “Genesis 50:20 (KJV) But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.”

“There are some things science cannot explain; I remember when Melinda Gates said she foresaw dead bodies littering the streets of Africa due to the coronavirus pandemic but it hasn’t been so,” another Twitter user, Vhytues @vhytues, wrote.


The Ambassador (@TheAmba97263831) said Africans already have to deal with poverty, bad leadership among other things, so it would be unfair if the continent had to also contend with many deaths from the virus.

He said, “Oga Bill Gates, what’s your own in our matter? With all the poverty, bad leadership and the likes we have, you want to add COVID-19 deaths. Your bad belle (evil) plans for us no go (won’t) work. The God Almighty that has been with us from the beginning of it will see us through to the end.”


Similarly, one Pastor Prosper Anang (@prosperanang), who also shared his view regarding the issue on Twitter, said, “It looks like your plan didn’t work in Africa despite your conspiracy with our corrupt leaders. We know why. It’s because we’ve got God as our supreme leader. He’s watching our backs.”

Magnus Oduh (@MagnusOduh), who attributed the reason why COVID-19 deaths in Africa has been relatively low to their diet, said, “Mr Bill Gates, we Africans eat healthy cooked meals, 5% of Africans eat canned foods, meaning that 95% of Africans eat healthy, thereby contributing to our strong antibody, which fights off unwanted viruses like COVID-19. The West wants African rich soil polluted with their GMO seeds.”

However, some Nigerians agreed with the reasoning of the billionaire, saying COVID-19 figures in Africa were likely falsified because of the continent’s corrupt leaders. 

For instance, Temmy Runsewe (@TemmyRunsewe) said, “COVID19 testing is just like African elections. Corruption is the order of the day, rigging of numbers, poor testing, politicians are now medical doctors.”

Also, a Twitter user with the handle, @MoDivine1, said, “I seriously don’t get why this guy was dragged on this app oh… He only voiced out what we all have been thinking in our heads all this while… Every day, you’ll see people whispering this same question and the answers that usually follow go in the lines of Na God (It is God) …”





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