Ogoni Youth Tell President Buhari To Confer National Honour On Ken Saro-wiwa, Eight Others Murdered By Abacha

Trial of the Ogoni 9
Trial of the Ogoni 9

Youths from the oil-producing Ogoni region of Rivers State have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to confer national honour on environmental activist, Ken Saro-wiwa, and eight others.

Saro-wiwa and the eight other Ogoni natives were killed by the General Sani Abacha-led military government of Nigeria while fighting against the degradation of their environment by the Royal Dutch Shell in 1995.

Trial of the Ogoni 9

The Ogoni youth are asking President Buhari to do justice to their cause by clearing the names of the nine persons extra-judicially executed by the military regime of Abacha as well as direct the Nigeria Customs Service to release Saro-Wiwa Memory Bus to the Ogoni people.

Comrade Legborsi Yamaabana, President-General of Ogoni Youth Federation Worldwide, said Buhari should direct the immediate “bestow national honour on Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni martyrs for the interest of national healing and reconciliation”.

The bus, a memorabilia, was donated to the Ogoni people in 2015 but was seized by the Nigeria Customs, claiming it has “political value”.

The bus was donated by the Platform, a United Kingdom-based group, and has the names of Saro-Wiwa and the eight others executed alongside him inscribed on its side.

The bus also has a quote by Saro-Wiwa – “I accuse the oil companies of practising genocide against the Ogoni” – inscribed on its side.

It was seized after it arrived at the Lagos port from the UK.


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