Trump’s Florida Neighbours Don’t Want Him To Live There After Leaving Office

Several wealthy residents of Palm Beach, Florida, have put outgoing U.S. President, Donald Trump, in a bit of a bind after they called for the city to bar him from living at his Mar-a-Lago resort when he leaves office next month.

According to the Washington Post, a coalition of neighbours sent a letter to the City of Palm Beach on Tuesday, in which they called for the city to prevent Trump from making Mar-a-Lago his permanent residence. 

The letter was penned by an attorney and addressed to the U.S. Secret Service.

The letter argues that Trump signed away his right to live at Mar-a-Lago in the 1990s when he converted the property from a private residence to a private club in a contentious deal with the city. The letter urges Palm Beach to inform Trump that he must find a new permanent home for his post-presidency and calls for him to do it now to “avoid an embarrassing situation” later on.

Trump will no longer live at the White House on Jan. 20, 2021, and his Floridian neighbours could prevent him from moving into his so-called “Winter White House” for his post-presidency.

Trump has spent more than 130 days of his presidency at the resort, according to the Post. He’s visited the residence over two dozen times, bringing with him a large cadre of security staff and aides, as well as noisy aircraft and irritating road closures.

Trump’s neighbours have filed numerous complaints about these inconveniences over the years. Now they worry those disruptions will persist if Trump lives there permanently.

The real estate mogul was a longtime resident of Manhattan before he won the presidency, but he became a Florida man last year when he changed his permanent address to Mar-a-Lago.

However, the deal he signed in 1993 reportedly prohibits Mar-a-Lago members from staying there for more than 21 days a year, or more than seven consecutive days at a time. The deal was signed to prevent Trump from turning the resort into a hotel.

“There’s absolutely no legal theory under which he can use that property as both a residence and a club,” Glenn Zeitz, a resident who has joined the fight, told the Post. “He’s playing a dead hand. He’s not going to intimidate or bluff people, because we’re going to be there.”

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