We Spent Our Christmas Burying Youths Killed By Boko Haram, Chibok Leader Tells Buhari

A leader in Chibok community, Borno State, Dr Manasseh Allen, has lamented how residents of the community on Christmas Day buried young men and a pastor killed by the Boko Haram terrorists during an attack on Pemi and Kwada areas in the Chibok Local Government Area of the state.

Allen, who is also the Media Director of the Kibaku Area Development Union, an umbrella body for the Chibok community, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that security was given the right attention.

The Chibok leader on his Twitter handle also posted photographs of the burial and houses burnt by the insurgents in the wake of the attacks.

The terrorists had attacked Pemi and Kwada areas in the Chibok Local Government Area, two Sundays ago, shortly after attacking Sabon Gari town in the Damboa Local Government Area.

The attack reportedly led to the death of a woman and the burning of several houses, including those of two younger brothers of the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in the Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, the late Reverend Lawam Andimi.

In a series of tweets, Allen lamented that it would be difficult for the residents, whose houses were burnt and means of livelihood destroyed, to find their feet.

Allen said, “Some have no other means of livelihoods aside from farming. How long would it take them to rebuild these? And no assurance of safety, let alone of rebuilding. Sad. Frustrated and disorganised; they can do nothing aside from watching the aftermath of the carnage. This is not living, this must change.

“They (the government) will issue a statement to condemn it, and that’s all. These people will be wallowing in their pains again and again, until the next attack. If care is not taken (if nothing is done), and the tempo of attacks on the communities in the southern part of Borno is sustained by the terrorists with such near zero resistance from our forces, the region will be gone.

“There is nothing new to say about the insurgency in the North-East, but because we are not public figures and rich, our words have been thrown to the trash can. Insurgency is on rise in the North-East and more losses are being recorded daily regarding lives and property.

“On Christmas Day, December 25, 2020, we buried our young men and a pastor killed in the attack on Pemi, in Chibok by the terrorists. We will not bow to evil nihilists with apocalyptic ideologies. We reiterate calls on the Nigerian president to ensure our security is given the right attention.”

Apart from the civilians, five soldiers were reported to have been killed, while several others were injured in other attacks which occurred near Chibok.

In April 2014, Chibok gained global attention after the Boko Haram insurgents abducted 276 schoolgirls from the dormitory of the Government Girls’ Secondary School, Chibok.

One hundred and seven of the girls have so far been released or escaped but several others are still in captivity.

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